New start

If this is your first visit to Michele Needs a Kidney, welcome! I was keeping people updated about my health on a Caringbridge site, but found that I needed more flexibility in my posts. So I’ve started this WordPress site instead.

A year ago at this time, I was lying in a hospital bed in the middle of my living room, with my dialysis machine to my right and a commode to my left. I had fallen and fractured my pelvis. There were boxes, furniture and stuff everywhere. I had just emptied two rooms in anticipation of finishing the hardwood floors, so to say that the house was in disarray is an understatement. It was really depressing to stare at all that stuff, helplessly, knowing that my renovations on the house were at a complete standstill. But a year later, I’ve healed very well and I’ve finished all the floors, including the stairs. I also installed a new banister, which really transformed the living room. I’m very happy with the renovations, but more than anything, I’m happy to be done with it all for now.

As far as my health is concerned I’ve continued to do well at my doctor visits. I asked for a scan of my abdomen to see how big my kidneys an liver really are, and I was not surprised to learn that my left kidney is 18 centimeters long, and my right kidney is 15 centimeters long. A normal kidney is closer to 7 centimeters! My stomach is huge as a result, and having fluid in there on most days makes me feel like I’m 8 months pregnant! Thank goodness no one has ever said anything to me about it…my hair is just too white, and people probably just think I’ve gained a few pounds. But clothes are not fitting that well, and yoga is almost impossible! The other thing I learned from the scan is that my left kidney is causing a mild collapse in my left lung. I am not short of breath on most days…but at night when I have 2 liters of fluid dwelling in my abdomen, I am breathing more shallow for sure.

That’s about it for now. I hope with this new site that I will be writing more. I enjoy the process, and people seem to like it too.

If you visit my About page you’ll see information about donating a kidney. Please visit that page if you want to find out more about it. Feel free to subscribe to my feed as well, I’ll do my best to keep this site entertaining as well as informative.

4 thoughts on “New start

  1. I admire your strength and amazing attitude, Michelle. Praying that a new kidney will be available for you bery soon. 🙏💕


  2. I wince for you every time I hear about your saga. You have been through SO MUCH already. Yet I also hear your Spirit coming through. Your humor and honesty. At some point, all of us will have to deal with shit we’d rather not. You empower us by showing how it’s possible to live wholeheartedly when life isn’t exactly what you wish it were. Thank you.


  3. Michele, I am in agreement that you will be able to express yourself better here on YOUR health. Often, people post on another’s health. I will look forward to coming back time and time again to read updates, etc. I know it is something we cat talk about very often while at work so this is great. Yes, I read your SPIRIT coming through on this post too! As always, you have my support.


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